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SuperPutty! There's nothing silly about it!

SuperPutty is simply amazing stuff!
Great for hours and hours of play for kids and adults alike.
WARNING: May result in serious stress relief!

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Super Putty is here!
It bounces like a super ball! You can stretch it, break it and put it back together again, shape it and even shatter it! Scientists at DOW Corning created this amazing substance way back in 1943 as a substitute for natural rubber. Instead of revolutionizing the rubber industry, it became a popular toy that has been sold for nearly 60 years under many brand names. Super Putty is one of the most fascinating things we've ever played with! Technically, it's a kind of very high viscosity dimorphic liquid. Sudden impacts make it bounce like a super ball- it can even shear or shatter if hit hard enough! Slow pressure can cause it to flow extremely slowly, almost like melting. And it can lift ink off printed matterials and respond to electrostatic charges under the right conditions too!

So what's SuperPutty good for?
  • It's a great stress reliever!
  • It makes a fantastic Holiday or Birthday gift.
  • Great for office or desk toys.
  • Makes interesting art and science projects.
  • Great excercise tool for hand strengthening.