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      Company Introduction
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      Type of enterprise: Private

      Brand: Taiyanglong Medical

      Aim:To be the leading enterprise for professional technology and excellent quaility of medical pendant in the world

      Products: Innovation,Design,Manufacturer,Installation and Sales of medical suspension system for OR and ICU.


      Taiyanglong Medical is a manufacturer with Hi-Tech title authorized by the government,specializing in the R&D,manufacturer and sales of medical pendants and rail system for OR and ICU. We have more than twenty thousand square meters workshop and R&D building,which is characterized by high quality products and advanced technology.We have learned the advanced technology from the world and upgrade with the specific configurations from the hospital to make our products perfectly meets the needs for clinical.As the precise technology,excellent quality,reasonable price and first-rate service.Our products had been deeply approved and accepted by our clients since ten years. Our marketing share and quality always in the forefront of domestic comparing to the similar products.Our products has been exported to the united states, Japan,Australia,Russia,India,Egypt,the south-east Asia and etc.Our eternal pursuit and responsibility is for clinical solution.Our eternal mission and faith is to serve human’s health care.



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